Stainless steel hotel kitchen equipment refrigeration equipment BN-UC1300RF

Commercial kitchen equipment refers to large kitchen equipment suitable for hotels, restaurants, restaurants and other catering establishments, as well as major institutions, schools and construction site canteens; commercial kitchens are characterized by kitchenware types, specifications, power, capacity and other aspects are much larger than home kitchen equipment, prices are also higher, and safety performance requirements are also high. The overall design of commercial kitchens is important, the layout of the kitchen design is the key to ensure a smooth workflow, with long-term impact, commercial kitchen design to reduce links, shorten the distance, simplify the process, in order to make the process smooth. Commercial kitchen equipment design should follow the following principles:


Stainless steel kitchenware, shabu-shabu table, soup warming pool, food cart


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Specializing in the production of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, the main products are dishwashers, grills, fryers, barbecue ovens, electric and gas food equipment, worktops, wash basins, lockers, storage racks, etc.. We have a full range of specifications, and all of our products with electricity have obtained CE international quality certification, and our gas products have obtained national industrial production license certificate and have established a professional gas testing center.


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