How to maintain the cleanest kitchen? How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware

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Many things in life need to be taken care of, and the kitchen is no exception, do a good job of maintenance, so that the kitchen, kitchenware to keep as new, is a good cook also.

    How to maintain the kitchen?

    1, keep clean

    Kitchen every day after use to do a good job of cleaning the kitchen table, wipe dry water drops. Kitchen utensils clean to wipe dry water after cleaning, keep dry.

    2, remove the grease

    The day frying oil, dirt should be cleaned in time to avoid the collection of too much difficult to clean.

    3、Reduce collision

    Avoid collision of kitchen utensils with each other, falling, scratching, deformation and other situations, gently take and put, put back to the original place after use, neat and tidy.

    Kitchen utensils are mostly stainless steel, clean and durable, so how to maintain stainless steel utensils?

    1, decoction of Chinese medicine do not use stainless steel, because the metal elements contained in stainless steel in the heated state will produce a medicinal effect change with drugs.

    2, do not use soda, bleach and other stainless steel kitchenware, will produce a chemical reaction.

    3, do not use stainless steel kitchen utensils put salt, soy sauce, etc., will also cause a chemical reaction.

    Kitchen supplies are easy to have bacteria breeding after use, what is a good way to live our lives

    1, the kitchen dishcloth, sponge supplies have odor can be used into the white vinegar or lemon water can deodorize.

    2, the kitchen cutting board odor bacteria can be used lemon, cut open and scrub the board with pulp.

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